Our virtual gynkhanas engine for the gamification of events.

What is Gymkharama?

Gymkharama is an application to create virtual gynkhanas.

A new method to gamify your event.

It is fully customizable to fit your event.

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How to use Gymkarama?

With Gymkharama we created a virtual gynkhana based on augmented reality.

We take care of placing a series of markers along a specific route to capture the attention of the public on the points of interest that you decide in your event.

The user can enjoy an augmented reality experience in each of the points of the route.

What can you find in Gymkarama?

Gymkharama gamify your event to another level.

Thanks to the analysis of metrics we can monitor the course of the participants, the timing and a host of other data so you can analyze the success of your event based on organic graphics.

Gymkharama can also send notifications in real time to users during the event.

It is an adventure and a new game experience for users.

Logo Gynkarama

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