Today we are proud to be able to tell you, finally, the project that had us occupied in recent months. We continue with the dream of increasing the reality that surrounds us and today we had the honor and pleasure of presenting the application of Augmented Reality of the Museum of Geology of Oviedo at the hand of the University of Oviedo.

The application shows the different layers of the planet Earth through a 3D model created under the specifications of Luis Terente, curator of the museum, and carried out by Pablo Lera, our 3D artist. It contains a control that uncovers the different layers of the planet Earth and according to the dissemination work on the Internet we also add the possibility of saving the screenshots and sharing them in the different social networks from the same application, so that visitors can get a photo holding the planet Earth in your hands during the visit to the museum. It sounds funny, right? Well, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

For us it is a step forward in our progress to increase reality. A new sample that Augmented Reality improves our immediate environment, in this case, supporting the dissemination of knowledge.
From DOMINARIA we encourage you to visit the new Geology Museum of Oviedo. A dream place created with passion and committed to elevate visits to a true virtual experience.

Geology Museum -Oviedo-

- "Dream, believe, increase your reality."

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