ARgO Dominaria


AR-GO! is our Augmented Reality App for your business cards, catalogs, logos, posters and all kinds of brand image of your company. With interactive buttons for contact. With tactile control over the models in augmented reality.


Virtual Gynkhanas to gamify your event. Engine for the creation of virtual gynkhanas with augmented reality fully customizable for any type of event. Easy installation. It is based on the placement of markers in strategic points creating a specific path for users. Analysis of metrics and push up notifications.

Kinect ar

Augmented Reality using Kinect works with the camera itself and a screen as a device to see the information added to reality. Customize the applications that we have developed or tell us that you would like to have your own.

Modelado 3D

3d modeling and render. Characters, scenarios, architecture, interiors ...

Diseño Grafico

We design your corporate image to your liking. Logos, posters, cards ...



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